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I work with clients of all ages on nutritional interventions that optimize mood, brain function, and overall wellness.

These nutritional strategies often address a variety of other health issues (bonus!) such as weight management, digestive problems, food sensitivities, and chronic inflammation. As my clients uplevel their nutrition, they generally see both their physical and mental wellbeing improve.  Research confirms that our day-to-day dietary choices strongly influence our mood, brain functioning, and overall health.  

Many of my clients are parents of children with autism, ADHD, anxiety or mood disorders.

These parents choose nutrition-based therapies because conventional therapies haven’t helped their child, or they’ve reached the limit of what these therapies can provide. Addressing nutritional, biochemical, and metabolic issues through diet and (when needed) supplements can lead to significant improvements in mood, cognition, and behavior. 

Each client is unique. I tailor my nutritional support to your specific health goals and needs.  

Many practitioners promote one-size-fits-all diets and nutritional therapies. However, current research supports biochemical and nutritional individuality.  As your nutritionist, I’m committed to staying up to date on the latest research.  As my client, you can trust that the nutritional guidance and support you receive will be both effective and evidence-based.

I offer nutrition consults via phone and video conferencing, with several options to fit your needs.

All new clients should begin with a New Client Consult. This comprehensive consult includes a thorough evaluation of your health history, which allows me to provide individualized nutrition recommendations.

However, I understand that not everyone wants a comprehensive consult.  Maybe you’re well down the path of nutritional therapies (whether for yourself or your child), and you just want to fine-tune your approach with the help of a nutritionist. Or you might be looking for general (vs. individualized) nutritional guidance. Whatever your unique situation and needs, there’s an option for you in the table below!

Still have questions? 

I offer a complimentary phone/video session for potential clients to learn more about the support I provide. To book a complimentary consult, go to my bookings page and select the “Wellness Discovery Session”.  Or, contact me and let me know how I can help.  Even if I’m not the right fit for your goals and needs, I can direct you to another practitioner or connect you with resources! 

Ready to get started? Select your service below!

All links in the table below take you to my bookings page on Practice Better, where you can book your appointment. Practice Better is the HIPAA compliant practice management platform I use for my client sessions. After you book your consult, I’ll send you an email confirmation with next steps. I look forward to working with you! 


COMPARE & select what works best for you! 

Nutrition Counseling

Health Coaching

Nutrition Resources & Guides

Meal Planning & Recipes

Lab Test Guidance

Evaluation of Health History

Individualized Nutrition Plan

Customized Supplement Plan 

Nutrition-Based Lab Analysis

Progress Checks & Nutrition Plan Adjustments 

Unlimited Email Support Between Appointments




nutrition consult

30 min. consult




nutrition consult

1 hour consult




 new  client consult

75 min. consult & comprehensive intake




 new client consult package

~10% savings

75 min. consult and (3) 30 min. follow-up appointments